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Scrabble Extreme

08/11/2012 - Author: Natasha Phillips

When my husband and I met I didn’t have syndicated television, we still don’t, so often our date nights were spent playing board games. Now keep in mind that the extent of games I had on hand at that time were, Candy Land, Connect Four, Chutes and Ladders and various card games suitable for a 4 year old. My husband on the other hand was very intellectual and didn’t really care for the games I had on hand, so he taught me the art of scrabble. When I began playing it I was just awful. I was lucky if I broke 135 for my score while Matt would sit back and easily kill with 300+ points. I have a fairly competitive attitude and just couldn’t handle being beat. So we just kept playing. Our dates consisted of a nice bottle of red wine and a scrabble board. We usually played once every week or two. I was slowly getting better. Shortly after we got married, about three years ago,  I scored my highest game at that time, over 400 points. Since then I think we have played maybe 5 games, he doesn’t like to lose. 🙂 We are now trying to teach Boyd the fine are of the game and he is picking it up nicely. I know that this makes me seem like a little bit of a nerd, but that is okay. I have been thinking today about the time we spend with our family, how it is so different these days than it must have been just 50 years ago. Our lives are so inundated with technology that we don’t often take the time for a game that takes an hour or two to play. I am just thankful for the time that we have right now with our boys to play these ‘small’ games and watch them grow. How blessed I am.

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Fun With Home-made Play-dough

- Author: Natasha Phillips

Growing up my mom would make us play-dough from scratch and I always thought she was crazy, until the other day. Elliott was just being a handful and I was running out of ideas to keep him busy. Suddenly the idea of play-dough popped into my head. I didn’t have any on hand but I did have flour, food coloring, salt, and water on hand. About 10 minutes later a fresh batch of play-dough was on Elliott’s tray and he was busy!! I was always jealous of other kids that had the the ‘real’ play-dough because of the way it felt, but I think that was just my childhood mind. The play-dough I made for Elliott was a little softer than the product from the store but really not much difference and it cost about 20 cents to make!! Elliott had so much fun with his new toy he played with it for over and hour that morning and a hour after his nap. Since then both he and Boyd have played with it every day. I now know why mom would make it as often as she did. You can find the play-dough recipe on my ‘recipe’ page or click on the play-dough recipe link and it will direct you right to the recipe. I hope that your family enjoys it as much as mine is and has.

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