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Moldy Bread and Stress

08/15/2012 - Author: Natasha Phillips

Today I fed my middle child moldy bread. Actually he didn’t eat it, but I gave it to him none the less. Now before you go and report me to the bad parenting authorities, just hear me out. I like to think of myself as a pretty organized, cool headed and fun mom. 🙂 At least until the last few days. Lately though one could use the polar opposite of those words to describe me, and it is all my husband’s fault. You see Matt, (my husband) and my oldest son left last week on Thursday to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They went with Dad/Grandpa and Brother/Uncle to fish for a week and a half. While I am so glad that they could go and spend this time with each other it hasn’t been a walk in the park being home without them. I hear of other wives who look forward to a ‘break’ from their husbands. I am not one of those. My husband is my best friend and my social life. I would say that is one of the hardest things to get used to now that I stay at home with the kids. Before I was always meeting people and having adult conversation during the day, now I have to wait until Matt gets home from work to have any conversation at all, (well unless I call my sister and talk for an hour!). But Matt and Boyd also bring a sense of stability into the home, Elliott lights up when they are around and is just so much easier to handle. Well Elliott started falling apart about 48 hours ago. Lots and lots of crying, from both my boys actually since the youngest is now teething. I was doing okay for a little while, trying to play and keep them entertained but while doing that the house was slowly falling apart. Dishes were stacking up, the floor wasn’t getting swept and forget about picking up the toys. My only reprieve was the computer at nap time and when they went to bed. I would get on here, play a couple games and then head to bed myself. Well about 36 hours ago my computer completely crashed. It was a miracle I was able to get it started again to get the photo’s I had accumulated over the last 4 years. (Let this be a note: back up your computers!!) The only way I was possibly going to salvage having a computer was totally rebooting the hard drive which meant I would lose everything. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to explain how I was feeling. Anyway I started the reboot early afternoon since it took literally all morning to get my photo’s off the computer. During all of this I was really trying to keep my kids happy and it just wasn’t working. Elliott ended up going down for a nap early and when he woke up he was hungry. So I put him on the couch next to me and got a piece of bread. Elliott loves plain bread so it makes a great snack when I am in a pinch. He was so excited about that piece of bread, I just watched him admire it setting on his lap before he took a bite. I could just see the anticipation in his face, it was so cute and it was all over a piece of bread. That is when I noticed the mold. Yeah, I know, I am horrible. There is a point to all of this. I know it sounds like I am complaining and I am not. I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything in this world . But sometimes staying home and listening to the crying gets hard. It is hard not knowing what to do to make your kids happy. That is okay though, it is okay to feel overwhelmed, and not in control. It is okay to have a melt down and eat an entire French Silk Pie. (Not that I would recommend that one do this, but the sugar and butter does help to smooth out the wounds of the day.) 🙂 I just want other moms to know that the next time they give their child a crayon instead of a lollipop, a hairbrush instead of a toothbrush or moldy bread instead of a yummy cookie, that you are not alone…I am out there and have already done something on that list. 🙂

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