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So Proud

09/07/2012 - Author: Natasha Phillips

A child grabs a mother’s heart in many different ways. It is amazing to me how you can love all your children equally, yet in different ways. I have enjoyed seeing the many seasons of the growing relationship I have with my oldest, Boyd. It was just him and I for so many years, that was it. Can’t say I was always the most stable mom but I certainly tried to do the best I could. I was young, fun and shared a lot with him. He was more than my son, he was my best friend. If I was having a bad day he always knew how to make it better. Even to this day he knows the right thing to say if I am upset. Of course he isn’t perfect. He is starting to get that ‘attitude’, you know the one that parents are not so keen on seeing in their kids. ¬†Matt and I try to let him be pretty independent though and we try to not squelch ideas he has or conversations he wants to start, so I guess the ‘attitude’ could be looked at as our fault. Anyway he is a good kid.

Last year he started to show more of an interest in¬†academics. He love his sports also and excels with pitching, but he wanted to push for the perfect grade and the enrichment class that the school has. He had a really great year in 4th grade and at the beginning of 5th grade this year, he was selected to test for the enrichment class. He was so excited. Well testing was this past week and Boyd had really good feelings about the tests that he took. To get into the enrichment classes he was going to have to score in the top 5% of the tests that were being given. Today he came home and just burst into tears…he didn’t make the cut. His scores were still really great, very close to the cut off but just not quite there. It was hard to see him so upset but I told him how proud I was and am of him!!

To him getting in enrichment was the prize, which is great, but I want him to be proud of the journey also. In our lives we often miss enjoying the journey, taking pride in the small accomplishments and trials of life. I was him to learn to be proud no matter the outcome as long as he is trying his best.

I love you Boyd Ian and I am so proud of you!!!

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