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Harder than it looks

07/31/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips
My men

My men

There are many things I could try to tell myself on why I haven’t not been faithful with penciling in and making note of the growth this family has experienced this last year, but the truth it that I haven’t been disciplined. This whole blog thing is harder than it looks. However…although I have said this before…I am going to make it an effort to journal the happenings of this family atleast a few times a week. I will try to catch up to the best of my recollection of this past year along with keeping in pace with the current. My mind, devotion, self-pity and excuses have been a stumbling block much of this past year. I say that I am fine, that I will do something, that I will succeed, that it is someone else’s fault for my failures and happiness, but truthfully it is within me. It has been a lack of desire, of fear, of wanting to have an excuse among other things that have gotten in the way this past year of me as a mother, daughter, wife, business owner, friend and sister. Of course it hasn’t all been bad and there have been some significant high moments, but I am talking about the day to day routine of this household and my life, the mundane moments that are the moments our life truly is made up by, those are the moments I have lost myself. So…here is a commitment to myself, an exercise of discipline and self awareness…I will be faithful to this blog. Not because I will have hundreds of readers or make thousands of dollars off of it, but because I want my kids to have the moments of their lives recorded, I want them to know my struggles and my triumphs, I want to encourage and love through words, and I want to grow…as a writer, a mother and a goal setter!!!

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