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Shadows and a Best Friend

08/03/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips

This is a pretty old story I wrote many years ago, at least 10, and because the pages are now falling out of the notebook it is written in and many crayon marks have been made over the words, I figured it was time to get it on here for sake of not losing it.

Us as little girls. She was always biting me and trying to run away...I was always just trying to keep her safe.

Us as little girls. She was always biting me and trying to run away…I was always just trying to keep her safe.

Shadows dancing, corners dim, a soothing quite all product of a tiny flame on the scented wick of a burning candle. Such a simple, inanimate object that calms, comforts and cheers ones soul. When I obtained my own room shared only with my sister Micah, who is 18 months my junior, candles decorated our shelves like pebbles on a sandy seashore. We had every type imaginable. Short, fat, tall, skinny, colorful, but yet all carried a scent unique only to them. Apple blossoms, cherry pie, vanilla spice would have our taste buds reeling and give the appearance to a first time visitor that there was indeed a kitchen hidden upstairs. Jasmine, chamomile and lavender calmed our minds and soul after a stressful day. We couldn’t wait to retreat to the quiet solitude of our bedroom, only to light our candles and talk, giggle, and gossip over our new crushes, latest desires or aspiring dreams. At 16 & 14 we had received our first room without the three smaller sets of ears that we were so used too. So of course we had lots to talk about! Often, while rambling on in hushed tone we would draw pictures or spell on each others back…although it never seemed to turn out fair as one would always fall asleep by the soothing sound of a whisper and the relaxing touch on the back. At times our giggles over the cutest guy would reach the ever so attentive ears of our mother downstairs who would then promptly holler in a loud whisper, (if no one has heard such a voice it is like a steel pad on a chalkboard), “Girls, It is time for bed!!” Of course like the sweet angels that we were we would promptly listen…well not exactly. How I miss those days of pure relationship and uninterrupted conversation. An interesting observation I made growing up watching the dancing flickering shadows produced by our candles, is that the dancing becomes more animated the longer it burns. Slow and cautious is the first dance, growing with intensity with the escaping aroma produces and budding flame. As the flame dies so does the dance but the scent lingers and is often the strongest with the last wisp of smoke that signals the candles end. When looking at the relationship with my sister, now we are in the midst of an intense tango. One interrupted with busy schedules, kids and space, yet still beautiful, flowing and magical in the dance. One day it will die yet I know that those years will produce with sweetest and most intense aroma’s of our lives. I look fondly on the budding years of our youth, I cherish the sweetness of the dance we are in now and I look forward with anticipation of the intensity to come. I love you sister…You are a gift in my life. ”


Micah and I now live over 14 hours apart and spend countless hours on the phone analyzing our lives,

We like to think we are a little 'saucy'....we don't pull it off very well. :)

We like to think we are a little ‘saucy’….we don’t pull it off very well. 🙂

encouraging, picking out clothes through face time and loving life as mothers in this walk of life. She is an inspiration and picture of a Godly wife and mother. I may be older but I look up to her.

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