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An Apology

06/01/2017 - Author: Natasha Phillips - 5 Comments

I want to take a moment and apologize to those who find my blog or journey offensive. I have not meant bring defamation to (M) or his character. I am simply recording my journey…the up and down that it has brought to me, the confusion of my heart and soul, the things I’ve struggled with. I’ve tried to be transparent in my weaknesses and indiscretions in our marriage and relationship. As I reflect more and continue on the path I am sure my short comings will appear to me more and I will journal those as well. He has many great qualities and there are many worse than him. I simply have tried to write in transparency, honesty and not in a way to shame or place blame. My desire is not to appear as a victim or as someone looking for sympathy…I feel like a way to process this is to write and think out loud, maybe in the long run it will encourage someone else. To those who have been offended…I am sorry. I invite you to no longer read about my journey or my blog if it brings you so much pain and frustration. My goal has not been to bring you pain…do I am sorry.

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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. by Betty Eberhart

    Natasha you are crying out in your pain, I have empathy for you. I know you are trying to overcome the hurt. Some people get so hung up on the little things & overlook the big ones. I have enjoyed reading your post.

  2. by Sue collins

    You are in mourning. You are entitled to grieve in your own way.

  3. Natasha, though I don’t know you well, what I’ve read has been raw honesty written with tact and passion. I haven’t seen a victim, I see a woman and her children hurting, but also moving forward. You will heal and grow as you move through the process of grief. By expressing yourself in your blog, you are releasing much of the emotional process and healing … and blessing others in the process. Thank you for being willing to share. Praying for you and your boys as you continue on this journey called life.

  4. by Cristina

    Offensive? SERIOUSLY? Hmmmmm perhaps they need to ask themselves why they are having difficulty extending the same Grace to you that they themselves so freely partake in? This blog is obviously your journey of looking inward and self examination. Perhaps they should do the same.

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