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Reading memories

12/11/2020 - Author: Natasha Phillips

When I was a child my mom read what seemed like an endless amount of books to us. My imagination, dreamers spirit, and love for discovery took root in those stories. Real life heroes or places that seemed magical. Trips on the Oregon trail, the mayflower, a Viking ship, in the jungles of Africa and so much more filled not only my mind but play time with my siblings. One of the things though I couldn’t ever understand was how emotional my mom would get over certain stories. She would have to work to control a tremble in her voice as she read the words and occasionally even had tears that flowed down her cheeks as she read. Now, reading aloud to my children, I am overcome with many of the same emotions. I, of course knew where this book was headed and what became of Nate Saint along with 4 other godly men in the Ecuadorian jungle…I read the last chapter over and over to myself, practicing not being emotional. Today I read that chapter aloud to my boys and oh how my tears flowed. I couldn’t stop them as I read of how on that beach, on the curaray river, 5 men laid down their lives in what had been an attempt to reach a tribe that had never heard of the love and forgiveness of Christ. Through their deaths not being avenged, the door was opened for the greatest gift of forgiveness to be shared with the Waorani people. How grateful I am that I have the gift and privilege of growing up in a time where the knowledge of Christ’s love and forgiveness of me is so easily accessible and how in awe I am of those willing to lay down their life to spread the good news. As Frank Drown read from the Bible, the night they gathered at the missionary headquarters…singing hymns and praying… after telling the 5 new widows and their 9 children combined, “Be ye faithful until death, and I will give you a crown of life.”

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Chaos, Failure and Love

01/25/2018 - Author: Natasha Phillips

Do you ever feel like you are drowning? Drowning in a sea of anxiety, chaos, exhaustion, failure and more….I do, especially today. I think at times I give off the persona that I have things together…let me tell you…I DON’T! I feel like I am barely getting by some days and that one more thing might just make this mom…who is standing on a balancing beam…fall over. Like right now I have a room, my dining room to be exact, that I have actually closed the door to so that I don’t have to acknowledge the disaster that it is. My kids wanted to have an ‘art’ day….well they did and they got into the glitter. No big deal right? I was letting them be creative, not have screen time, they weren’t fighting in that moment and they were learning….yeah, learning how to make a mess! And, before you say…”hey that’s fine, you had a busy night.” this ‘art’ day happened over 3 weeks ago…yeah…let that soak in, we have been eating dinner on stools in the living room because I just am done, tired and can’t by the time we get home. Or there was last night, when at 8:00 I found out that my 5 year old needed to bring a poster to school with 100 things on it in the form of the number 100…TODAY. Now, I am sure there was a memo, even a poster board sent home at some point….but do I remember that?… absolutely not. So, my kid went with a yellow cardstock sheet and 100 fingerprints on it, because who has poster board laying around…not this mom. Yep…then there was two days ago where I literally told my 15 year old to stop being such a pansy and toughen up because raising my voice a couple decibels does NOT mean I am mad and all you kids need to take a chill pill. Then it hits me…he is 15, and my other two are 5 and 7. I don’t hardly remember when my oldest was 7…it goes so fast and here I am telling them to take a chill pill and in that moment or the days that follow I am in and out of this place where I feel guilty. Guilty that I am not calmer, that my kids don’t have a mom who ‘has it together’, that they are living in a sea of chaos and failure…but then it hits me too…they love me. They love me for all my screw ups, my ‘mom fails’, my chaos. They want to sit on my lap and tell me about their day…the oldest wants to lay on my bed and talk non-stop about a new hunting device or idea he has…the youngest could care less that his paper was yellow and it was just his fingerprints because he loved it and sat on my lap while everyone else was sleeping to do it. On days, when I can’t stop crying…like today, I am reminded that my anxiety, that me stressing about getting through and being organized isn’t what matters to my kids….It’s my hugs and my love…it’s my time that matters. So…to all the mom out there that feel like they just can’t make it through ‘one more day’…or have yelled at their kids today, just “can’t” clean up another mess, closed themselves in the bathroom for a few minutes, or forgotten a school project…I am WITH you….YOU are NOT alone. It’s okay, YOU are doing GREAT! YOU are AMAZING! and YOUR kids LOVE you! 🙂

My boys and I

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I should have been a cowgirl…

01/10/2017 - Author: Natasha Phillips

Today is one of those days that just send you down the winding paths of memories. It doesn’t help that I only got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep because of the boys, the fact that I am staying in the room (and have been, coming up on a month now) that my sister and I shared in our teenage years and then again housed me for the beginning months of motherhood when Boyd was a baby,  or the emotional state my mind has been in lately but sometimes the reminiscing can be extremely emotional or cathartic…I guess its how you look at it. No…today is one of those days that sends me remembering the years of my youth and I can’t shake them. We started the day off attempting a reading lesson and when the word ‘rod’ was pronounced ‘ram, rat, rag, rock…etc.’, basically everything but ‘rod’…yeah, I sent my kids outside. Maybe that makes me a bad mom but in that moment I totally would have become a worse mom if I just did not let them get some fresh air. For my sanity and their safety…school work was suspended. (I am totally joking about their safety part by the way…don’t want anyone to think I was being serious.) Anyway, this kind of day reminds me of the days my mom would probably have the same experiences with one or more of us kids and would tell us to go outside and pretend we were on the Oregon trail or in the wild west. In my adulthood I now realize more than I did then, that about 75% of the people that were on the trail died and the wild west was filled with dangers…not sure what mom was trying to say…. 🙂

We had a horse…or rather a very large pony. I believe the qualification for a horse is 14 hands…wendy was 13.5 I believe. We all loved her so much. She was the absolute best. Hours would be spent on her and even the babies would ride if an older kiddo was holding on. I can remember one day when mom packed us a lunch and we set out on the Oregon trail…all 6 of us I think from Avery all they way up to me ranging in age from 3-12. We took our wagon and shimmied something together to affix it to the saddle and we set off on our long journey. Other kids got to play the computer version while we had no idea what a computer even was…no joke. My parents only had 4 acres but we were surrounded by a parcel of land…not even sure exactly how many acres it is…that was owned by some people that live in saint Louis who came out and used the property as hunting land and let us pretty much grow up on that land as well. We affectionately grew to call them ‘the hunters’ and there was dismay in our voice every year when ‘the hunters’ would show up because that meant we lost access to our beloved woods and trails and even a couple camping spots. The fearlessness that mom had sending us all out with a horse, a red radio flyer wagon shimmied up to a saddle that I am 100% convinced would not be OSHA approved…a sack lunch, and orders not to return for a couple hours at the minimum is something I admire. I have found that as much as I don’t want to admit it, I am probably a bit of a helicopter mom. I’m getting better, but the idea that something could happen to my kids has played a part into what I allow them to do. I think its easy for us to feel like we are failing our kids at every turn and that plays into how we release them and let them experience things. I am pretty sure that day we had my little sister, Adley, contract yellow fever and die or something…I know we had one of my siblings pretend to die because we ‘buried’ them on the side of the trail…meaning we made them lay down in the tall grass, we would cover them with leaves and then we would leave. It’s a miracle my younger siblings have any love for us older kids at all. We would be gone for hours on days like this…hours. Playing in the woods, fighting off enemies, nursing the sick and dying and riding our horse. There was a back pasture we would take her in and just let her loose…it felt like she was flying. I loved riding…being on her, walking down the road…flying over the ground…I was at peace. Even in my teenage years when the pulls of right and wrong, emotions and hormones were taking over I could take Wendy out and all would be right in the world. She died my freshman year in college, that was a sad, sad day, I don’t think you often forget your first animal love. Many years later when I was at school at Linn State Technical college I would go to a place I looked at as a second home…Turkey Hill Bible ranch. That place was such a joy to be at and I would get to ride…I taught Boyd to ride there as well. He was only two. A friend and I worked with a couple feisty horses…getting them to a place where kids would ride them. Boyd was always our test…if he could ride them at two we knew they were good. A couple years later I took a trip out west to Montana with Boyd…visited a friend but then went on the explore the state myself. I fell in love. I think there has always been a pull, whether or not to feel like I was flying above the ground or an ache for wide open spaces where it was just my horse and I…that pull has been there and was started at a very young age.

Those are the memories that will I get to carry with me in this life. I watch my kids and wonder if its possible to leave them with the same quality of memories I had growing up. I am not saying all my remembering are joyful and warm and fuzzy…but in each one of them, regardless how I felt in that moment, was with people I loved and who loved me.

Me with our horse, Wendy. I Was almost 10 here.

Me with our horse, Wendy. I Was almost 10 here.

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The Beginning of a Journey

01/05/2017 - Author: Natasha Phillips

A new year…new resolutions, new goals, new outlook and new adventures. With the new also comes regret of resolutions broken in the years gone by, goals not met, a negative thought or thoughts that may have encompassed you in the year past and a regret of adventures not seized.

A long time ago there was a little girl. She was innocent, full of spirit, adventurous, a tom boy and a helper. She loved life and life loved her. They were kind to each other and opportunities seemed endless. Dreams of India filled her head and heroes like Clara Barton, Amy Carmichael, Mother Teresa, Adoniram Judson and Jim Elliot inspired her soul. She was happy and lived a charmed life…a different and unusual life but charmed all the same. As she grew so did her restlessness. Her identity became more grounded in other people, in what she thought she should be allowed to do versus what the Lord had in store for her. Her desire to live of the earthly world with one foot in the world set aside for her by the death of Christ on the cross took hold. She was like a bird looking for shiny objects. She could be easily influenced and also appear righteous. Life became hard, it became burdensome and it became lonely. She was outside of the will and plan that had been cast on her life from the moment she was born. She was outside of the direction and counsel of those who loved her and wanted what was best for her. And then…in a snap of a finger she was back…with visions of helping others, encouraging, becoming what she should in the Lord and yet again she became distracted. This is the cycle she was stuck in, the ever evolving wheel of good versus evil, our heart versus our mind and Satan versus the King. This little girl…she grew up to become me…and this is my story of finding the will God has for my life. The plan He has set from the beginning. I do not know how this story is going to end. I know what I am going to say next and I know how I want to proceed…but I do not know where it is going. I wish I did…but you…along with myself…will have to wait and see. My prayer on this journey is that you will begin to pray with me, that you will be encouraged and that I grow…that I grow in the plans that have been laid for me since I was in my mothers womb. I look forward to this journey with excitement, trepidation, and with an open heart. Please join me…follow along and maybe we can encourage each other.


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Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter and a Journey

08/19/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips

I always hesitate in putting to much of my journey on here for all the world to see, not that

Little Ivan and I on a recent, professional photo shoot

Little Ivan and I on a recent, professional photo shoot

I have many followers but for the few that I do have. In this day and age it is hard to know what I will be criticized for  or who I will offend. I also don’t want to just use this venue as a place to talk about what I do, although I am very passionate about it and truly have a heart for it, but I also want to keep it family focused. I feel like what I am about to share is mostly about my family in the fact that it brought me to where I am now, doing what I do now. I love what I do, I love my career with this company…and yes, it is a career, I love who I have become through the journey which has given me more strength than most of you will know. My true strength is in the Lord, but I truly believe He has used the vehicle of arbonne to restore me. I want to share this for a couple reasons…one, I hope it encourages you wherever you are on your journey, and two…we have a new challenge group starting up and I wanted those that are considering joining to be able to hear what my story is on the path to a healthier life. This will be a little long but I hope it encourages you on your path to health and wellness. For those of you who don’t know I am 34 and a mother of three boys. I had Boyd, my oldest, when I was 20. At that age nothing phases you, life doesn’t even seem to sink in, your body seems to just kinda bounce into place and you have energy. Eight and a half years later I had Elliott at the age of 29. He was a horrible baby. Cried all the time, had horrible colic, never slept, nursing was a nightmare, he was constantly sick and just kinda a miserable baby. Now, I know you might be thinking I am a horrible mother for saying that, personally I think more mothers should be honest about those kind of days with their kids. I love Elliott and he is such a joy and blessing now, but he was not a good baby. That lasted almost a year at which time I was pregnant with Ivan. Ivan was born when I was 30. During this time I went from working fulltime, running a very successful business here in town to being a stay at home mom. Before I ran that business I worked full time and picked up shifts at other places also. I was always busy. I love being home with my kids but there are days that I

Boyd and I before a recent 5K we did together in Minnesota

Boyd and I before a recent 5K we did together in Minnesota

want to pull my hair out. After Ivan was born there seemed to be a lot more of them than there are now. That first year was a very dark year for me. I couldn’t lose weight, I felt like I was failing as a mother, I couldn’t handle the constant crying and on top of that I had an older kid doing all sorts of activities that I had to haul him to without my husband’s support of me or the little ones other than a financial roll. Now I have never been a stick, my body isn’t designed like that. I gain weight from looking at bread and the thought of eating ice cream can add an instant 10 pounds. I gained over 45 pounds with Elliott and hardly any came off before Ivan and then I gained more with Ivan. I don’t have this perception that to be happy you have to be a size two…I just want to say that. Anyway, by the time Christmas rolled around Ivan was about 8 months old and I felt like I was going crazy. My husband was convinced I was mental and I was beginning to think I was also. I was constantly crying, it was hard to get out of bed, I would lock myself in the bathroom and forget about being around people…I became a recluse. Me, someone who loved people couldn’t stand being around anyone. Finally I had enough. I went and saw someone because I thought surely they could help me…they prescribed anti-depressants. Now, before I go on, I am not against anti- depressants…some people honestly need them but I also think a lot can be traced to food and exercise…I did not need them. I needed someone to help me, show me how to change my circumstances, my life, my size, my unhealthiness and just me pretty much. My sister took that on. In June, when Ivan was 14 months old, she said enough is enough…if you want your picture to change you will have to change it. She was so right. I had been an arbonne consultant for only two months at that time and didn’t think I would do anything with the nutrition. I didn’t like the taste of the shakes, I thought the fizz sticks were horrible…forget about the digestion plus…It just wasn’t for me. At the time I was taking melted peanut butter and chocolate chips, stirring them together and then adding powdered sugar to that and eating a bowlful..not a teaspoon, we are talking a cup or more…EVERY DAY!!! And I wondered why I had zero energy. I would get winded walking around my house…my house is very small…I couldn’t carry Elliott anymore, he was too heavy…I was 31 years old but had the physicality of a 70 year old. I remember when I decided to get healthy I had Boyd take my picture…I didn’t think there would be an ‘after’ picture…I was just going through the motions. I thought it would be a quick fix, a one month deal, a miracle worker. You know what? It was a miracle worker but in a different way. That first month my sister started a running group. I couldn’t even make it one block. I thought I would give up but she wouldn’t let me. The first week was miserable for me. I don’t think I can explain how awful it was and the second week wasn’t much better. By the third week I started feeling a little ‘normal’ again and by the fourth week the energy

After one of my runs recently where I am training for a 1/2 marathon

After one of my runs recently where I am training for a 1/2 marathon

and focus had set in. I had caught the bug…the bug of wanting to change my health. It wasn’t about size, it wasn’t about a ‘quick’ fix anymore, it was about ME!! I decided to do the challenge another month. At the end of my first month I had only lost 4 pounds. I didn’t even take an after picture because I wanted to keep going. I didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t about becoming obsessed with my size, it was about the difference in how I felt. By that second month I was running a couple miles every other day and on the weekends hitting 5-6 miles. I would also incorporate yoga, some weeks I wouldn’t run but do a different source of exercise. My mood did a 180. I enjoyed people again, my husband could stand me and I found joy in being around my kids. I carried the challenge one more month but it didn’t even feel like a challenge at that point, it felt like a way of life. My kids and husband loved the new food I was preparing and I couldn’t remember a time I had been happier. I have people now who tell me that I don’t know what its like. That there isn’t anyway I can imagine the struggle or they ask why I run or want to do a challenge because they just wish they were my size. It honestly isn’t about a size for me…its about being healthy. I always tell people this isn’t a diet…it is a lifestyle change. Some people can see the change right away, others need to do it longer if they truly want to see change. It is HARD!! I totally get it. It is easy maybe for you to feel like I don’t know where you are coming from, but I DO. Please be encouraged. Know that I want each and everyone of you to succeed. It isn’t about dollars for me or a sale, it is about helping someone, YOU, be happy and healthy. It is about teaching you a lifestyle and being there for your support through the rough and dark days. Don’t give up!! Keep going!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Here is my before an after picture, some of you have seen this others have not. I changed size, I lost a lot of weight, but check out my face. I didn’t know at that point what I would gain…I feel like looking at my face in this before and after tells the whole story. What about you?

My first before and after photos. I do need to update them but they still speak volumes


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Shadows and a Best Friend

08/03/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips

This is a pretty old story I wrote many years ago, at least 10, and because the pages are now falling out of the notebook it is written in and many crayon marks have been made over the words, I figured it was time to get it on here for sake of not losing it.

Us as little girls. She was always biting me and trying to run away...I was always just trying to keep her safe.

Us as little girls. She was always biting me and trying to run away…I was always just trying to keep her safe.

Shadows dancing, corners dim, a soothing quite all product of a tiny flame on the scented wick of a burning candle. Such a simple, inanimate object that calms, comforts and cheers ones soul. When I obtained my own room shared only with my sister Micah, who is 18 months my junior, candles decorated our shelves like pebbles on a sandy seashore. We had every type imaginable. Short, fat, tall, skinny, colorful, but yet all carried a scent unique only to them. Apple blossoms, cherry pie, vanilla spice would have our taste buds reeling and give the appearance to a first time visitor that there was indeed a kitchen hidden upstairs. Jasmine, chamomile and lavender calmed our minds and soul after a stressful day. We couldn’t wait to retreat to the quiet solitude of our bedroom, only to light our candles and talk, giggle, and gossip over our new crushes, latest desires or aspiring dreams. At 16 & 14 we had received our first room without the three smaller sets of ears that we were so used too. So of course we had lots to talk about! Often, while rambling on in hushed tone we would draw pictures or spell on each others back…although it never seemed to turn out fair as one would always fall asleep by the soothing sound of a whisper and the relaxing touch on the back. At times our giggles over the cutest guy would reach the ever so attentive ears of our mother downstairs who would then promptly holler in a loud whisper, (if no one has heard such a voice it is like a steel pad on a chalkboard), “Girls, It is time for bed!!” Of course like the sweet angels that we were we would promptly listen…well not exactly. How I miss those days of pure relationship and uninterrupted conversation. An interesting observation I made growing up watching the dancing flickering shadows produced by our candles, is that the dancing becomes more animated the longer it burns. Slow and cautious is the first dance, growing with intensity with the escaping aroma produces and budding flame. As the flame dies so does the dance but the scent lingers and is often the strongest with the last wisp of smoke that signals the candles end. When looking at the relationship with my sister, now we are in the midst of an intense tango. One interrupted with busy schedules, kids and space, yet still beautiful, flowing and magical in the dance. One day it will die yet I know that those years will produce with sweetest and most intense aroma’s of our lives. I look fondly on the budding years of our youth, I cherish the sweetness of the dance we are in now and I look forward with anticipation of the intensity to come. I love you sister…You are a gift in my life. ”


Micah and I now live over 14 hours apart and spend countless hours on the phone analyzing our lives,

We like to think we are a little 'saucy'....we don't pull it off very well. :)

We like to think we are a little ‘saucy’….we don’t pull it off very well. 🙂

encouraging, picking out clothes through face time and loving life as mothers in this walk of life. She is an inspiration and picture of a Godly wife and mother. I may be older but I look up to her.

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Goals, we all have them

08/01/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips

IMG_2576Goals are a funny thing to me. As I get older the more goals I set for myself. I don’t know if it is because I am trying to keep up with my kids and wanting to slow down the aging process, or if I have figured out that true success comes when you set goals. It is something almost all of us do on a daily basis but maybe don’t realize we are doing. Saying “I am going to cook from scratch tonight.” , is a sort of goal…one that we set for our self without thinking. New Year’s resolutions are basically goals that we allow our self to quit because I think it is easier to quit a ‘resolution’ than a ‘goal’. There is something so fulfilling about completing something we have put in front of our self, there is almost a sense of self-worth, of pride and contentment that washes over us when we finish. I am reading a book right now on how to be a successful person, how to create and complete challenges without creating excuses. It has made me very self-aware of everyday choices I make to sabotage goals I have set for myself. I thought it would be fun to write my goals for the year down, for all to see and in a way it will hold me accountable because I know people are watching. Here it goes:

Go Area Qualification with Arbonne by the end of August
Have two (at least) new people join my team and start building their business with purpose, dreams, and the realization that time and financial freedom is around the corner.
Run a half marathon by October.
Go zip-lining with Boyd.
Be completely debt free by January 2017…this includes school loans, house and credit card…all debt.
Be able to do 50 push-ups, REAL ONES!!!
Finish a new book every two weeks.

Teach Elliott how to read.

Climb a mountain.

Take a trip to Italy.

Right now that is all I have, maybe to some those seem small or mundane, but I am very excited to reach those goals. I encourage you, no matter what your goals are, to write them down and start checking them off. Something will happen when you do that, a new sense of security will wash over you, a feeling of pride and self-worth. There will be hard days and days you might want to give up on your goals, but in the end it will be worth it. I found this quote floating around on Facebook, I don’t know where it started or I would certainly give them credit, I really appreciate what it says. I would love to hear what goals you have, no matter

IMG_2547how important you think they are, I will be cheering you on if I know what it is!!!

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Harder than it looks

07/31/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips
My men

My men

There are many things I could try to tell myself on why I haven’t not been faithful with penciling in and making note of the growth this family has experienced this last year, but the truth it that I haven’t been disciplined. This whole blog thing is harder than it looks. However…although I have said this before…I am going to make it an effort to journal the happenings of this family atleast a few times a week. I will try to catch up to the best of my recollection of this past year along with keeping in pace with the current. My mind, devotion, self-pity and excuses have been a stumbling block much of this past year. I say that I am fine, that I will do something, that I will succeed, that it is someone else’s fault for my failures and happiness, but truthfully it is within me. It has been a lack of desire, of fear, of wanting to have an excuse among other things that have gotten in the way this past year of me as a mother, daughter, wife, business owner, friend and sister. Of course it hasn’t all been bad and there have been some significant high moments, but I am talking about the day to day routine of this household and my life, the mundane moments that are the moments our life truly is made up by, those are the moments I have lost myself. So…here is a commitment to myself, an exercise of discipline and self awareness…I will be faithful to this blog. Not because I will have hundreds of readers or make thousands of dollars off of it, but because I want my kids to have the moments of their lives recorded, I want them to know my struggles and my triumphs, I want to encourage and love through words, and I want to grow…as a writer, a mother and a goal setter!!!

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Dear Son….

10/16/2013 - Author: Natasha Phillips

My Darling Elliott-

Today is your 3rd birthday. I have no idea where the last three years have gone. I want to rewind them so I can go back085 and do the bad days over and relive the good days with you. You are such a light in my day, a bundle of energy that never stops. When you came into my life those three years ago I had no idea what to expect. You have exceeded every expectation I ever had of being a mother twice over. 091You have been a handful from the start, but one that I cherish and love. Oh sure, there were really hard days. The days that your dad would come home and all you had done that day and previous night was cry from the colic that plagued your little body. You were so sick that first 6 month with thrush, colic, ear infections, RSV, and the common cold. Those days seemed to pass so slowly, however now looking back they happened in the blink of an eye. Once summer came you were a different child. You loved to be outside and often that is where we were the entire day.IMG_1605 It was such a joy watching you learn new things, how to roll over, sit, crawl and eventually walk at 17 months!! When I was pregnant with your younger brother you often just wanted to cuddle, which was great but you also had so much energy there were times you just wanted to jump and climb on me.IMG_2879 You couldn’t understand why that couldn’t happen. When your brother was born it was the first night I ever spent away from you in your 17.5 months you had been on this earth. The change of having baby Ivan compete for my attention was very hard for you and the sibling rivalry you share with him to this day started then. You slowly transitioned from your constant jabber to brokenIMG_3803 words with the constant mom, mom, mom, mom….being your standby when you couldn’t figure what else to say. Boyd quickly became your favorite person, outweighing both dad and I because he could give you all the undivided attention you wanted. As you have grown the stubbornness that is going to takeIMG_4253 you far in life really has come through. As hard and frustrating as it is at time I am proud that you stand for what you want, even if it results in you also standing in the corner from time to time. Right now you are going through a phase where everything is scary, I pray you overcome your fears soon. Son, I pray that your life is guided by our Savior and that you will choose Him over anything else in this world. He alone holds theIMG_0345 future and I pray earnestly for your salvation and surrender to Him. I pray that you grow to be a strong man that is faithful to your wife. I pray for her life right now, that the Lord is preserving her heart from a very young age. I pray that your are a man of honesty, integrity, respect and have a desire to work hard in this life. I pray that you are a man that others can look to.  I love you so much Elliott. I love your spunk, imagination, smiles, funny looks, how everything you like is “perfect” and I love your ability to make people around you feel special. I am so proud to be your mom and can’t wait to get to know you better as you grow into a young boy. Three years old you are today….Happy birthday Elliott Donald Phillips!!!IMG_0363 IMG_0488 IMG_3463 IMG_7388

Love with all my heart-

Your Mom

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