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Game Night

09/11/2012 - Author: Natasha Phillips - 2 Comments

Last night Matt and I were watching last years season of ‘Parenthood’. It is one of our favorites and we can watch previous seasons through Netflix. Anyway, there were many story lines going on in the episode we were watching, but the one that hit closest to home was about a game night. Kristina (one of the characters), was trying to get her family together for a game night because she was feeling so disconnected after just having a baby. Of course the family didn’t really want to play along which ended up in the husband and kids being forced out of the car by an angry mother while she then proceeded to drive down the street saying she was going to have fun playing mini-golf all by herself. Of course I was laughing pretty hard at this entire scene because I can relate on so many levels. Mostly on the level of growing up and not wanting to play games and mom getting frustrated with us. Now, however I am on the end of trying to get game night going in our house….it isn’t working out so well. So we compromise and play ‘Brain Quest’ instead.

For those of you who are not familiar with ‘Brain Quest’, it is an educational supplement that you can use as flash cards, work books, or quiz cards. We like the quiz card sets the best. Each card has 10 questions on them with an answer card directly behind the question card. I get to be the moderator and Matt and Boyd race each other to see who can answer first and get the point. Elliott tries to answer as well but we can’t understand him yet… so he doesn’t get a point. Boyd does get a 5 second head start just to make it fair. Right now we are working on the 5th grade questions which can be a little surprising. For instance: “Who is the Italian explorer that America is named after?”, “What’s the female equivalent of a hero?”, “Which amendment game African-American men the right to vote?”, “What four coins add up to 95c?”, and so on. Some of the questions seem rather easy while other prove to be a bit difficult, even for Matt.

It is a fun way for us to all spend time together while learning trivial facts and exercising our Cerebrum. If one is in need of a stocking stuffer, a small gift for a birthday party or wanting to add to their game collection, I recommend ‘Brain Quest quiz cards’. I may not be able to get my family to go mini-golf regularly, or bowling but I will take the time we can spend together playing a simple game and treasure it just the same.

P.S. What does this picture have to do with this post? Nothing! 🙂 I just wanted to add a picture and didn’t have one that was very relevant.

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  1. MindTrap is a fun one too

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