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Goals, we all have them

08/01/2015 - Author: Natasha Phillips - No Comments

IMG_2576Goals are a funny thing to me. As I get older the more goals I set for myself. I don’t know if it is because I am trying to keep up with my kids and wanting to slow down the aging process, or if I have figured out that true success comes when you set goals. It is something almost all of us do on a daily basis but maybe don’t realize we are doing. Saying “I am going to cook from scratch tonight.” , is a sort of goal…one that we set for our self without thinking. New Year’s resolutions are basically goals that we allow our self to quit because I think it is easier to quit a ‘resolution’ than a ‘goal’. There is something so fulfilling about completing something we have put in front of our self, there is almost a sense of self-worth, of pride and contentment that washes over us when we finish. I am reading a book right now on how to be a successful person, how to create and complete challenges without creating excuses. It has made me very self-aware of everyday choices I make to sabotage goals I have set for myself. I thought it would be fun to write my goals for the year down, for all to see and in a way it will hold me accountable because I know people are watching. Here it goes:

Go Area Qualification with Arbonne by the end of August
Have two (at least) new people join my team and start building their business with purpose, dreams, and the realization that time and financial freedom is around the corner.
Run a half marathon by October.
Go zip-lining with Boyd.
Be completely debt free by January 2017…this includes school loans, house and credit card…all debt.
Be able to do 50 push-ups, REAL ONES!!!
Finish a new book every two weeks.

Teach Elliott how to read.

Climb a mountain.

Take a trip to Italy.

Right now that is all I have, maybe to some those seem small or mundane, but I am very excited to reach those goals. I encourage you, no matter what your goals are, to write them down and start checking them off. Something will happen when you do that, a new sense of security will wash over you, a feeling of pride and self-worth. There will be hard days and days you might want to give up on your goals, but in the end it will be worth it. I found this quote floating around on Facebook, I don’t know where it started or I would certainly give them credit, I really appreciate what it says. I would love to hear what goals you have, no matter

IMG_2547how important you think they are, I will be cheering you on if I know what it is!!!

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