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It’s Supper Time Again! :(

09/25/2012 - Author: Natasha Phillips - 2 Comments

I don’t know about anyone else, but dinner time for me can be exhausting. Well not really the dinner but leading up to dinner. Figuring out what we are going to eat and then preparing is just at times overwhelming. I enjoy cooking a great deal and am pretty good at it, but I find that I fall into the same rut of meals quite often. Eventually I am planning on putting my menu’s up here on this website, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Anyway, my boys are not a fan of meatloaf but I find that hamburger is one of the easiest and affordable staples to use. I try to find different ways to fix hamburger since we eat it about once or twice a week. Well as I was saying, my guys do not like the traditional meatloaf, so tonight I tried it with a twist. I tried Mexican Meatloaf and it was super! I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked so I created my own. In Boyd’s words: “Mom, I DO NOT like the meatloaf they have at school but this stuff is AWESOME!” I thought I would share it with you and maybe it will become a recipe you turn to often, just like it will now be in our house. If you do try it out let me know what you think.

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. Pinterest has never failed my wife yet in regards to new recipes. =)

    • I have heard that from a lot of people. That is why I put in on pinterest!! Maybe I will become a hit. 🙂

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