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Journal Part 2

4-13-2000 – Thursday

Okay, so today what did I do? I wrote letters, moved paint from here to the depot and painted the 3 toilets in the outhouse. There were little things in between those projects but that is the jist of it. I have been fighting a killer headache now for 2 days. I have taken ibuprofen and aspirin, neither has even touched it. I don’t know if I can put up with it much longer. I try to hide the fact I am not feeling well be today I could hardly eat lunch and I usually eat a lot. Something isn’t right.

4-14-2000 – Friday

Today I painted until noon and then got cleaned up for class. I started teaching them ”Holy, Holy, Holy”. We have three kids that we aren’t sure if they are tone-deaf or not. It would be quite interesting if they are. Anyway, most of the kids caught on quickly. It should be interesting to see how the rest of the song goes.

Tomorrow is the Agape picnic. I am really excited because maybe I will meet some kids my age. I know Micki will be there so that will be great!

I still have my headache. Maybe it is just an allergy thing.

4-15-2000 – Saturday

The picnic was a blast! I met some really cool kids that I won’t ever forget. I also adopted a little boy for the day. His name was Joshua and he was 4. His older brother Israel is my age. Anyway, Josh reminded me so much of Graham! We were buddies for the whole day. I was sorry to go home but at the same time I felt a lot better after being with the kids. I really hope to see the kids I met again. I know if I don’t see them on this earth I will see them in heaven. Israel was so sweet. He freaked when he realized I was burning in the sun so he gave me his brothers shirt to wear. They haven’t been back to the states for 4 years. I asked if he was going to go back and he said, “Why? This is my home.”Anyway it was a great day.

When we got home Lalene was here because tomorrow we are all celebrating Andre and Harrington’s birthday. It should be a pretty fun day. Lalene is staying here tonight since I have an extra bed.

I still have a headache but it isn’t quite as bad.

4-16-2000 – Sunday

Boy was lunch good today. Since it was a birthday party there was so much food. Every time there is a celebration or and important dinner, goat is served. I just can’t bring myself to eat it. Rigaud says I am the first American he has met that doesn’t like goat. Gayle says it taste like beef but I had some soup that had goat in it and even though I didn’t get a piece, I could still taste it.

Harrington brought his friends Franz and Mathew Vincent. I had a good time but had to excuse myself early because my head was just aching. Harrington is coming Saturday and staying until Sunday so maybe we will get more of a chance to talk since we didn’t get to today. At least Micki will be able to meet him! She is coming on Friday and staying until Monday. I am really excited. We will have so much fun!

The family called today. This time I talked to everyone including Quynn. Graham asked me why I moved so far away and when I was coming home. I wish I could have talked longer but it just costs so much to call.

4-17-2000 – Monday

Boy, today was not a good day. It seemed like the clinic would never be over. There were over 100 people today. When I got home I went to bed almost immediately because of my head. I woke up for lunch but then I went back to sleep after. When I woke up it was gone but it is back now. Nothing seems to be helping except a wash cloth over my eyes. Rigaud thinks I may be getting malaria and Gayle says it might be stress. All I know is that I am tired of battling what I am feeling and I am tired of taking medication. I just wish it would go away.

4-18-2000 – Tuesday

Okay so it has been one week since I have contracted this headache. Today was not a good day for it either. We worked at the clinic and thank goodness there weren’t as many people today as yesterday! Actually working there today wasn’t bad at all it was when I got home that things got worse. Darlene doesn’t have school this week so she is here all day. Well I had letters to write so I told her she could work on beads. She needed help though so I helped her and also wrote. After lunch I laid down and slept, I just couldn’t work on those beads anymore. But tomorrow Darlene is coming to Port with us so she is staying tonight. Lalene also came over and she wanted to make a necklace which was fine but it didn’t help my head. She didn’t leave until almost 9. It was just way to long of a day. I don’t feel like going to Port tomorrow and I don’t feel good. Darlene is a bit spoiled and very stubborn and I don’t know if I can put up with keeping her entertained. Maybe I won’t have to and Jim and Gayle will. There is only two years between her and Micki but it seems like a lot more! I can’t wait until Friday. We are picking Micki up at noon and I know we will have a great time.

4-19-2000 – Wednesday

It was a relatively short trip to Port. The rainy season is here and the mountains are beginning to turn green. Actually here in Montrouis we have had a couple of showers but closer to Port you can tell it has rained more. The roads seem like they get worse each week. I have practiced to hold myself to the seat and even then I feel like I have been shaken apart. It really wore Darlene out. She was so tired and slept most of the way home. Friday we have to make the trip again. Of course it doesn’t help my head at all but I think I am just destined to have headaches. I don’t know what we are doing tomorrow but I kinda of hope it will be a little bit relaxed. I am so tired lately I need a chance just to rest. Maybe I am being a wimp but I doubt it. 🙂

4-20-2000 – Thursday

Well we really did nothing today. I did some paper stuff and studied the bible a bit but that was pretty much it. Right now or rather today I was doing a lot of thinking about the Lord’s death. It is so amazing to think about what He did. I mean it isn’t like He had to and He died anyway. We often complain about just having to wash dishes or do another persons chores, but here is the perfect Son of God who came to die for us filthy dirty sinners. I mean he didn’t just put our sins in a bag a put them on His back, no, He became the sin. He had every right in the world not to die for us, but it was a choice that a perfect person made. Doesn’t that thought just make you want to sing, dance and shout for joy? So many people think that is wrong, but just think, we were on death row and He pardoned us! We were sentenced to die and here comes this choice that we can live and be free if we believe, because someone else took our debt and our death. So many people pass up this choice, this gift because they are afraid to take it. Why are we so afraid? Satan is defeated and no longer holds any keys. It is time we realize what a gift we have. No one should be silent about this good news. Start singing it and shouting it. We don’t keep the good news of a person who was accused guilty being proved that they were innocent quiet. Why should we keep our judgement of, “Not guilty! This person is washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Sentenced to live forever with Him in paradise!” quiet? Wow what a savior we have!!!!

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  1. by Micah

    this was fun to read. I wish I still had my journals from growing up. I don’t know what possessed me to throw them away. I think I did it one time in the trailer when I felt like we had too much stuff and no where to put it 🙁

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