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Journal Part 3

4-21-2000 – Friday

We picked up Micki around 11 this morning and we have been having a blast ever since. Well I don’t know if she is but I am! JR said I was Haitian today. Even though I can’t speak the language he said I am still a Haitian. I love it and someday I will be able to speak creole and the I will be full-fledged.

4-22-2000 – Saturday

Today we just relaxed and it was pretty nice. The days are a bit more humid now because we are into the rainy season, but when you sit outside and there is a light breeze, it is just so nice! Today it was also cloudy most of the day but I actually liked it that way. Micki and I think Harrington is a bit miffed at us. I don’t want to give him any hope so I have been trying not to talk to him much. Oh, I still do talk to him, just not as much as usual and he doesn’t understand. I am just trying to avoid a mess and in the process of avoiding, I hope I don’t make a big mess instead. Rigaud went up the mountain to see one of his churches up there and he will be back tomorrow. It is a 6 hour walk up but it doesn’t take as long to come down. Someday I would really like to do that.

4-23-2000 – Sunday

   “I serve a risen Savior, He’s in the world today. I know that He is living whatever man may say.                                                             I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer, and just the time I need Him, He’s always near.                                    He Lives! He Lives! Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me and talks to me along life’s narrow way.                           He Lives! He Lives! Salvation to impart. You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart.”

  I awoke with this song in my heart and have thought on it much today. If you really think on the words they are such an encouragement. Whoever wrote the song couldn’t have said it any better than she/he did. ‘He lives’, is indeed true and how often we forget. I mean how often we forget He is always near walking and talking to us, and we just don’t listen. It is my prayer that I am open to hearing whatever He has to tell me. He does live in my heart and now I have to get my ears in-tune with my heart. How much we often miss by saying, “well yes, I believe in Him and yes, He is in my heart, but it is too hard to do what He is asking me to do.” Why don’t we serve Him like we do our job, family and friends. It is such a puzzle to me how people can close themselves from hearing God and doing His will.

4-24-2000 – Monday

   Jim and Maryse came and Micki today. We had a good time and I think our friendship will continue. Also Jimmy started the English class today. Eddy, Betid, Julian and a couple of others who only came the first week are in it. I sat in to see if it will help me with my creole and I think that it will. I knew Betid and Julian knew some English but I didn’t know that Eddy did. He really speaks a lot and only spoke creole to me in the past. After class I asked him why he didn’t speak it more and he said that he understands quite a bit but often doesn’t know how to answer in English. It is the same way with me, but in creole.

4-25-2000 – Tuesday

   Originally I would be going home today! I can’t believe it. I am so glad I changed my ticket and extended my stay. I am finally really catching on to life here and I am making more friends. Today at clinic Eddy spoke to me in English and Mitchel spoke creole. It was weird. Oh well, working there gives me the challenge of understanding creole and figuring out how to answer it.  We are going to Port tomorrow and we have to leave at 6am. I think I will sleep in the car. It is really getting hot during the days but the nights are still okay.

   I received a letter from Micah that said she was glad I wasn’t at Paul’s wedding. I must say it kind of hurt. I am so sorry I miss it but am really looking forward to the reception in August. I can’t believe he is married. It is a really weird thought.

4-26-2000 – Wednesday

   Okay so when we got home today I felt like was in a million different pieces. The trip just takes it out of you.
We left this morning at 6:00 and got home at 5:00. We did a lot and got things that needed to be accomplished done, so that was good. Friday Jim and Gayle need to take Darlene and be at the consulate at 7:30. That means that they have to leave here before 6. I have no reason to go so I don’t know if I will, it’s just that I am not keen on going but neither does it sound very appealing to be here by myself.

   Today at Star-Mart a couple of guys wanted to know if Jim and Gayle where my parents. Well since they asked in creole I understood but didn’t really know how to explain ‘no’ when I come to the store every week with Jim and Gayle. So I just said yes. They aren’t the first ones to ask and Jimmy almost always says that I am.

4-27-2000 – Thursday

   I had so much fun with Jonas and Darlene today. They taught me some games they play with rocks and then we threw a ball around, played hide and seek and watches Jonas fix his radio. Tomorrow we have to leave here at 5:30am which means I have to be up at 4:30. I wasn’t going to go but I was going to be up anyway so I thought I just as well could go. Since they are trying to get Darlene’s visa so has to go also so she is staying the night. We are both very tired and since we have to be up so early I am going to sign off. Goodnight!

4-28-2000 – Friday

   I am so tired! I got up at 4:30, went to Port, got home at 2:55 and had the music class at 3:00 and now it is 9:30 and time for bed. I can’t imagine how Gayle’s back feels. The roads are so rough it just kills but I think we all will sleep good and thank goodness there isn’t anything pressing to do tomorrow. Oh yeah, I taught music class without a translator! What and experience.

5-01-2000 – Monday

   I met a really neat girl today. She came with a group to Jim and Maryse’s place and today they brought them out here to the beach so I went over to the beach with them. Anyway, her name is Felicia Robinson and she is moving down here for at least a year this June. She is 20 and we hit it off great in my mind. We have many of the same views and convictions so it was fun to talk to someone so like-minded. I think that maybe we could become good friends.

   Since today was a holiday we didn’t have clinic but tomorrow we do. I bet there will be a lot of people waiting.

5-02-2000 – Tuesday

   My goodness there were so many people today at clinic. anywhere from 170-180 and at least 80 of those were children. Gayle saw around 45-50 kids starting at 8:30 and ending at about 1. she had a lot more work to do here though so we left.

   Right now I am listening to a men’s choir here in Haiti and it is so pretty. The harmony is amazing. The more I am here and can think, the more I am pulled to music. Oh what am I supposed to do?

5-03-2000 – Wednesday

   We picked Jay up today, he is here to paint the floors. It will be quite interesting to see how we all get along with wet paint on the floor. we also picked up Darlene’s visa and passport today. There is just 1 problem. Instead of granting the visa for June 28th to October 14th, they did April 28th to July 28th. Those dates are not anywhere close to the dates requested either. So now Jim has to go back to the consulate and try to get them to fix it. What a lot of work just to get a little 12-year-old girl out. She is worth it but the american embassy is just confusing.

5-04-2000 – Thursday

   Well we are playing hop scotch with the floor right now. Jay is just painting patches at a time so we can get around. He is a great guy, pretty funny.

5-05-2000 – Friday

   I can’t figure out why the kids can’t get to class at 3. I have had two that have been on time so I know that they all could be. It is so aggravating to start working with one kid only to have a couple more show up about 15 minutes later and so on throughout the hour. This week the majority of the class showed up at 3:55 and class is done at 4. I just told them I was done and if they wanted to be in the class they had to come at 3. Maybe they will listen. Who knows.

   Jay is making progress on the floor. It looks so much better than that awful gray.

5-06-2000 – Saturday

   Today I spent most of the day outside. Access to my room was cut off due to wet paint and so was the kitchen. It was a pretty nice day to just be outside so that was okay.

   I am still having my headaches. today it got so bad I had to lay down. I also have had a low-grade fever for about 3 days. I don’t get it but whatever I have I just wish it would go away.

5-07-2000 – Sunday

   What a day. I received news that I got a full scholarship and two $1600 grants to East Central College. I can’t believe it. I had been thinking about going to school at Rayhma but now I don’t know. I mean it isn’t like a full scholarship come along everyday! My family called today so that is how I knew. It sounds like they are all doing good but staying very busy. I wish I could talk to them longer. It hardly seems like I get anytime to talk. I said hi to everyone but Quynn and it will be nice when I can have a real conversation with each of them.

  I am beginning to be able to understand parts of the sermons. I can understand creole much better than I can speak it. It is really weird. Once would think that if you could understand it you could also speak it. I only with it were so.

5-08-2000 – Monday

   Nothing really happened today. I painted a couple of chairs, Jimmy went to Port for Darlene’s visa and ticket, Jay painted walls and Gayle did something but I can’t think of what it was.

   All the walls are up on the orphanage and now the workers are getting ready to put the roof on. Inside they made a small room for the dorm mother. They want me to come and be the dorm mother. It sounds like a good idea to me but I don’t know about school. I was always going to go but now I have no idea what to do.

5-09-2000 – Tuesday

I am really tired for some reason. I didn’t really do anything yet and I feel like I have worked all day. Tomorrow we go to Port so I hope I sleep well. Jay is going to stay here because he said he needs to rest. I hope he can.

   Today we gave two of the balls the family sent to some kids. Jimmy had them pick a number 1-10 to decide. Well for the second ball the number was 2 and a boy about 12 guessed it. Once outside the gate though an older, bigger girl grabbed it and ran off with it. That really ticked me. Here we had a fair way of handing them out and this girl just steals it away from the boy. Since her mama wasn’t around to see it she won’t get in trouble. I don’t understand why people think stealing in the way to get what you want. All it does is damage the respect that a person might have for you. I am looking forward to God’s kingdom when no one will steal to get what they want. Even Christians steal. We steal others happiness with our complaining, we steal their trust when we talk behind their back in a manner unpleasing to God, and we can also steal one’s joy in God and His Son by making life hard for them. We all need to be aware that non-Christians aren’t the only thieves, but that we Christians are also.

5-10-2000 – Wednesday

   I feel like I have been run over by a dump truck. The trip to Port seemed worse than normal and when we got home I had such a bad headache that I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Thank goodness we don’t take that trip everyday. it is getting prettier though since the mountains are turning green from the rain. They are beautiful anyway but green gives them such a sign of life. It is wonderful.

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  1. by Micah

    Oh dear..what a little brat I was. lol. Although I don’t remember saying it, I do remember the feeling that I was finally out of my older sisters shadow. You always had such an easy time making friends it intimidated me so much, for some reason I had an easier time making them when you weren’t around. Sorry dear sister, I’d give anything to have you close by now!

    • You were not a brat. I now understand how you felt then. I was pretty bossy. 🙂 It is funny how time changes things.

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