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Journal Part 4

5-12-2000 – Friday

Well I had 14 kids today and all but 2 of them showed up at 3:00. I started them on a new song and I think they will do much better with this one. It is very tricky to teach, as the last few times Rigaud has been busy so I am teaching without a translator. With hand gestures/actions and broken creole we did just time. I am really enjoying it.

5-13-2000 – Saturday

Jay is finishing up with his painting. He goes home tomorrow and then we will get ready for the group coming the first of June. He has been fun to have around. He reminds me a lot of tom. I don’t know what makes those two guys so much alike unless it is because they both have not been married. I can’t understand why neither of them don’t have a wife though. they are both top class guys. It will be so good to see tom when I get back.

5-14-2000 – Sunday

church today was awesome. We went to Jay Thredgill’s church in Port. The worship and praise time was unbelievable. I really felt like the spirit came and was there. Then the message was so encouraging. It was in English which was wonderful. Jay talked about being a God chaser. How true it is that once we become a Christian we think that is it and we don’t ‘chase’ God. We need to be so hungry and so in tune to god that when He talks to us we can hear Him. So often we get caught up in the problems of the world and we forget we have someone who can sole our problems if we let Him!

5-15-2000 – Monday

We worked at the clinic again today. Since Jay was here last week we did work so it was kind of nice to be back. Gayle saw about 40 kids today so we didn’t finish until about 12:30. The people there are becoming good friends. They are fun.

5-16-2000 – Tuesday

Today Mitchell and I were sitting together doing english/creole while we didn’t have anyone to weigh or take blood pressure. Dr. Desare came in and asked if I was Mitchell’s girlfriend. Of course I am not but it was funny he asked. They like to tease me over there.

5-17-2000 – Wednesday

Well we went to Port and usual but today we at at Matthew’s place. He has a beautiful house and yard. Driving back to it everything was messy and run down. Then you drive through his gate and it is like you have entered another world. His property is surrounded by high walls to protect from thieves so you don’t see anything but the tops of trees. For lunch we had goat, spinach, water crest, macaroni, bacon, Accra, bread pudding, boiled banana, rice, beans and wine. Well it is impossible not to take a little of everything. My problem was I don’t like goat, spinach or boiled banana. To be polite though I took a little of it all. I was sitting by Matthew and he didn’t think I had enough meat so he put another large piece on my plate. I could have choked!!! I ate it all, but when the bread pudding came I was so full I couldn’t eat all of it. Matthew kept teasing me by calling me a baby like he did to his daughter when she wouldn’t eat. He kept saying I was on a diet. But I ate so much I thought I would be sick. Anyway I finished my bread pudding but I was stuffed. Thank goodness there wasn’t anything else to eat. It was a good meal though and I enjoyed it.

5-18-2000 – Thursday

Nothing really happened today. I wasn’t feeling very good so I slept in the afternoon. Harrington called for the first time in a long time. He is doing good but I don’t want him to get any idea’s.

5-19-2000 – Friday

Class was good today. The kids know the entire song now, I just have to get them to sing it as a round. Pastor Rigaud will have to help me with that. Tomorrow we are going to Port again. Gayle is getting her hair done and I am getting mine cut. I think I will cut it just a bit shorter this time.

5-21-2000 – Sunday

I am beginning to understand the messages at church now. I still miss a lot of words but I am not totally in the dark about what they are saying anymore. Today we had two ladies sing a special at church. Their voices blended so nicely it was such a pleasure to listen to them. Haitians have so much talent where music is concerned.

5-22-2000 – Monday

Nothing special happened today. We went to clinic and worked and then we came home. I am amazed at how many kids have malaria. Since we are in the rainy season malaria and grip are very prevalent. I am just very glad I haven’t gotten it yet.

5-23-2000 – Tuesday

We stopped at Kendall’s before going to the clinic today. I got out of the car and Christopher came running up to me for a hug. I gave him one as usual but then he said to me, “Matasha, you are home. I have missed you”. I thought it was a funny thing to say. I do love those kids a lot. They are like my siblings away from home. Tim and Anne are great also. Anne talks a lot but I enjoy it.

After clinic we went to market. It is always an experience  So many people!! It is a wonder any of them can find anything. To cross the bridge is taking a step of faith in itself. The bridge looks like it could fall any minute. Gayle and I walk very fast going over it. Market is the place where the women can fellowship and talk to friends. It is very hectic but also enjoyable.

5-24-2000 – Wednesday

We went to Port today to work Agape. I don’t know if I have said what ‘Agape’ is, but it is the place the missionaries here in Haiti get their mail and packages sent.  Hardly anyone came so it was pretty boring until about the last 15-30 minutes. We had lots of boxes that someone came to pick up. There were at least 30 boxes if not more so it took a while to move them. The Haitian guys I was working with said I worked like a guy. I guess they don’t let their women work like that but Jimmy wanted me to help. I didn’t mind at all , in fact it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

5-25-2000 – Thursday

We basically rested today. I sanded a couple chairs so Jimmy could paint them. I would paint them but then I always end up having to practically take a bath in paint thinner so I just let Jimmy do it.

Today Gayle asked the women to pray that I would come back January if not in October. I still don’t know what to do at this pint. I want to go to college yet in a way I feel like this is where I belong  I want the Lord to show me what to do but so far He hasn’t. It is hard to be patient at times.

5-26-2000 – Friday

We washed the windows and screens today. It was very tiring work and by the time we were done I just wanted to sit. Gayle had the hard job of washing the windows and I did the screens.

It rained right before music class so I did not have anyone. It was fine by me because I was so tired. I told the two girls that were there that I would just work with them next week. We have a group coming in though next Friday so I don’t know what I will do.

5-27-2000 – Saturday

It was Dwight’s birthday today so we went over there for pizza and cake. It was a good evening and tomorrow we are going to Kaliko beach. Jay left money for us to go. I am looking forward to it. Also tomorrow is the Haitian’s Mother’s Day.

5-28-2000 – Sunday

We are going home in one month! I am ready but I will be sorry to leave this place. It will be good to be back home though. The beach was wonderful. Actually we were at the swimming pool they had all day. The water has baby jelly fish in it this time of year so we didn’t go in the ocean. The swimming pool was great though and so was the food. It was a very good day. When you are at a place like Kaliko you forget that you are in Haiti. It is so beautiful. They always have lots of flowers and trees. The facilities are kept clean and very nice looking. It is a pity the whole island can’t look like that.

5-29-2000 – Monday

What a day! We helped with vaccinations today. We went directly to the schools in the area. I filled the syringes and Gayle gave the shots. She had to practically wrestle some of the kids to give the shot. The older kids were the ones that really put up a fight. I couldn’t believe the fear that was in some of those kids though  Maybe tomorrow will be better  We will see.

5-30-2000 – Tuesday

Nothing was much different today from yesterday. We did more kids but they pretty much acted the same. Over these two days I am guessing 600-700 kids were vaccinated. Gayle is very tired from wrestling the kids. It really does take every ounce of strength you have to hold the kids  JR asked if we could work Thursday since we are going to Port tomorrow. Gayle said we will see. We have quite a bit to do for when the group is here. We figured the groceries out and we have quite a list. Saturday we are having hamburgers and we invited about 20 kids from Pastor Rigaud’s church. To make enough hamburgers for everyone and still have some meat for Madam Egsome we have to buy 29 packages of hamburger. That is how our entire grocery list is. Tomorrow will be a riot buying everything.

5-31-2000 – Wednesday

What a day in Port. The van was full with stuff and it took just about as long to put everything away as it did to buy it. I am making cinnamon rolls Sunday so it will be interesting to see how everything works out.

On the way to Port today we saw quite a few wrecks. Two killer buses had collided, a dump truck was smashed, a big carrier truck was off the road and a tap-tap had run into a house. On the way back there was another accident but I was sleeping so I didn’t see it. All I can say is no one should complain about my driving because compared to people here I drive very good. I am getting better about not freaking out when a vehicle is coming straight for us, but I still am not totally used to it.

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