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Journal part 5

6-01-2000 – Thursday

The group comes in tomorrow night so today we got ready for them. I made some cookies and Gayle mixed up Sunday lunch. It should be fun while they are here. At least for me anyway because they are all around my age.

6-02-2000 – Friday

I stayed home today while Jim and Gayle went to get the group. It was nice not to have to take that drive. I fixed sandwiches and stuff for when they returned. It looks like it will be a fun group. Three of the girls are 18, one of them is 15 and the boys are 17,16,16, and 14. It will be fun getting to know them.

6-03-2000 – Saturday

Wow I can’t believe what a good day I have had. Okay, the kids in the group are, Karli-18, Naomi-18, Katherine-18, Dana-15, Jeff-17, Josh-16, Dylan-14, and Zach-14. The group leaders are Jerry, Steve and Cindy. We had kids from Pastor Rigaud’s church down in the afternoon and we ate hamburgers, played soccer and spent time fellowshiping.  It was such a good day being a family in the Lord. It is amazing to see two different cultures/languages come together as a family in Christ and overcome any obstacle to have fun. When we played soccer, even though the kids couldn’t communicate fluently, they played as a team and were good. It is such a blessing to me to see how these kids are in tune with Christ and are willing to do His will. It is such an encouragement.

6-04-2000 – Sunday

Today the kids did a couple skits in church, sang and a couple of them gave their testimony  The skits were great and were a blessing to see. We had a good time of fellowship in the afternoon aside from the fact that all the boys put salt in my juice at lunch! I will get them back though. All the kids are great and none of them are real shy. The boys seemed so at first but not now. At night we meet around the table and share, pray and read scripture. It has been so nice for me to have that and also have kids my age around. It will be cool to see how the Lord works the rest of the week.

6-05-2000 – Monday

Today was so good. We had the little kids from Pastor Rigaud’s school for a morning, kind of like VBS. We made necklaces, told stories, sand, colored and played a couple games. As I was helping one table the little kids were calling me a ‘blanc’. Well I wanted them to know my name so I told them. Pretty soon the most common word you heard seemed to be ‘Natasha’. The kids were so attentive and so cute. It was such a pleasure to work with them.

Tonight instead of bible study we had a time of worship. We prayed and sang. I sat in what they call a ‘hot seat’ and they all laid their hands on me and prayed that the Lord would show me what to do next with my life. I believe He will show me, it is just that I need to have patience until He does.

6-06-2000 – Tuesday

Today went equally well but we had older kids. I didn’t help as much because I was helping Gayle. We also went to the beach and market. Since I haven’t been swimming because of the tibets I was just sitting on the beach which is all rocks. Anyway it just amazed me at how many rocks were in my little section and that all of them were different. It was just mind boggling for me. I also found a rock that was all covered in slime stuff. I could see underneath that it might be a pretty rock, so I took it to the water and washed it. Under all the slime was beautiful rock. I was just thinking that is how it is for us. We are so dirty and slimy but when we turn our life over to Him, He washes us and makes us beautiful. It is just sad that everyone doesn’t see what a treasure it is to follow Christ.

06-07-2000 – Wednesday

We went up a mountain in Port to the look out and the Baptist mission. At the lookout you could see forever and from way up there you couldn’t even see how poor some of the sections of Port was. I was able to bargain for some of my stuff which was great. I felt more like these Haitians being able to bargain. It really gave me a newer perspective on this aspect of their culture. Also while I was up at the lookout point I was thinking of our lives. We look so nice and clean on the outside but once we get deep into our lives we can see all the dirt, clutter and plain filth. Just like Port a Prince. It looked so nice from up at the lookout but once you get into it, its dirty, filthy and cluttered. Now we have a choice in our lives. We can pray and ask the Lord to come in and clean our mess. But even after He cleans it the first time, we have to ask Him to help us keep it clean. Something I think all of us forget to do from time to time.

06-08-2000 – Thursday

We had the last group of kids today. This was 4th, 5th and 6th grade and the kids ages ranged from 11-20. It is just amazing to me that such old kids would be in those grades. I really don’t think you would see that in the states. But here they are just grateful to go to school. 21 kids were also saved today out of that group. What a blessing! After we ate I talked with John Robert and he asked when I was coming back, not IF I was coming back. I told him I wasn’t even sure I was really supposed to come back. Well I got my answer later and an yes, God told me to come back and work with the kids. I don’t know what really made me realize this other than God. As we were walking around here and visiting some of the houses He just said, “this is where you are to be. Not China but here!” I know it was God because no longer can I really see myself in the states or China. I think this has really become a home to me. Now I just have to rely on God to show me what to do next.

6-09-2000 – Friday

We took the group back to the airport today. It is going to be very quiet without them here. In fact I think I am going to miss them. They all became friends to me. I think I am going to go and visit them this summer if I can. It would be a nice little vacation for me.

06-11-2000 – Sunday

We haven’t really done anything the last couple days but rest. Today we went to Kaliko, a resort down the coast. It was very nice except for the music was way to loud. It also used bad language. I just don’t know how people can listen to stuff like that. I enjoy lots of music but this stuff gave me a headache. The swimming pool was very nice though and my tan is getting a little darker.

06-12-2000 – Monday

I didn’t do much today. We aren’t doing clinic this month since the group came and next week we will be getting ready to go. i miss it a little but not much. I really don’t think I am supposed to go into nursing. Since I was gone Friday we had music today and 28 kids came. It is the most I have ever had and today they sounded the best of all the practice days. They are supposed to sing the 25th but only if the sound good enough. We shall see. The dile should be poured next week. It has been so exciting to see this orphanage go up and when I come back everything should be done Lord willing.

06-13-2000 – Tuesday

Again I really didn’t do anything today. Tomorrow we go to Port again but right now I just don’t have anything to do. I have been reading my bible a lot, especially in Psalms. David is always talking about praising and worshiping God with instruments, dancing, shouting and singing. It makes me wonder why our church is so different. If the bible says clap your hands, why not? or why not dance? God has done such wonderful things for us. It just seems like our joy should well up within us and spring forth. Looking around at some people when they sing makes me sad. Here they profess to be believers and happy for the gift they have received, yet they look as though they are singing at a funeral and are in mourning. It just doesn’t really make sense to me.

06-14-2000 – Wednesday

Man, that ride to Port is tiring but I know I will miss it when I leave. It is so beautiful and I really enjoy watching the people. One can learn so much if they keep their eyes open. You know so many people can’t really get past the filth and poverty, but if you can look past it you will see the beauty. It’s like if you hold up 4 fingers and you ask somebody how many fingers you are holding up. Naturally they would say 4, but then you tell them to look past them, “Don’t concentrate on the fingers” you say. How many would they see then? 8! Its like, don’t concentrate on the problem at hand, look past it. Don’t concentrate or only see the problems Haiti has but look past them. When you do that you see a beauty in the country and people, in the way they live. It’s a treasure. Oh, sure, it has it’s everyday problems. But doesn’t everything?

06-15-2000 – Thursday

I am beat! We all worked today getting the yard cleaned up for Texaco. They gave the professional school some money to help build more and now they want to come out and see the place. We will be working tomorrow and Saturday too. Today we cleaned the sewing room, painted trees, weeded, mowed, moved block 20 (large cement blocks), cleaned the depot and sweated. 🙂 My legs are really cramping for some reason and my ankles are killing me. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better. Jimmy is going to Port so Gayle and I will look are and see what else we can do.

06-16-2000 – Friday

Well Jimmy didn’t get very far today because they are manifesting over the elections that were held. They block the roads with tires and burn them so no one can get by. I have seen dead bodies but I haven’t seen a burning tire. Anyway Lavalas is the party demonstrating because the OES or OAS and the UN declared the elections fraudulent. I am not surprised with this as, for example, in one town there was 3000 registered voters but 14000 votes. A little odd isn’t it? The government in this country is screwed. But it is my opinion that the U.S. is headed the same direction. So many people think no harm can befall the U.S. when it is actually walking strait for it. The people that do see it and don’t like it just don’t vote. Why? Because they don’t think their vote will matter. I have news for them though, it does matter and come election time my vote will be in the ballot box. Haiti is supposed to have another election June 25th, but we shall see.


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