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Reading memories

12/11/2020 - Author: Natasha Phillips - No Comments

When I was a child my mom read what seemed like an endless amount of books to us. My imagination, dreamers spirit, and love for discovery took root in those stories. Real life heroes or places that seemed magical. Trips on the Oregon trail, the mayflower, a Viking ship, in the jungles of Africa and so much more filled not only my mind but play time with my siblings. One of the things though I couldn’t ever understand was how emotional my mom would get over certain stories. She would have to work to control a tremble in her voice as she read the words and occasionally even had tears that flowed down her cheeks as she read. Now, reading aloud to my children, I am overcome with many of the same emotions. I, of course knew where this book was headed and what became of Nate Saint along with 4 other godly men in the Ecuadorian jungle…I read the last chapter over and over to myself, practicing not being emotional. Today I read that chapter aloud to my boys and oh how my tears flowed. I couldn’t stop them as I read of how on that beach, on the curaray river, 5 men laid down their lives in what had been an attempt to reach a tribe that had never heard of the love and forgiveness of Christ. Through their deaths not being avenged, the door was opened for the greatest gift of forgiveness to be shared with the Waorani people. How grateful I am that I have the gift and privilege of growing up in a time where the knowledge of Christ’s love and forgiveness of me is so easily accessible and how in awe I am of those willing to lay down their life to spread the good news. As Frank Drown read from the Bible, the night they gathered at the missionary headquarters…singing hymns and praying… after telling the 5 new widows and their 9 children combined, “Be ye faithful until death, and I will give you a crown of life.”

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